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Frequently Asked Questions

What is e-iqra – Quranic Arabic application?

It is a mobile and web application which teaches about 540 most used words of the Holy Quran. These words make up about 82% vocabulary of the Holy Quran and as you learn these words you will find yourself understanding the meaning of the verses of Holy Quran. In sha Allah.

Who is this application for?

This application is for all Muslims, of all age, gender and at all geographical locations. The only requirement is the ability to read Quran and the desire to understand Allah’s message. At the moment this is available in English and Urdu and In sha Allah, other languages will be added in future.

Who can benefit most by this application?

Everybody, whether you are a student of Arabic language or a busy house wife or a business executive, you will find that this application helps you in attainment of your very own goals related to your circumstances.

Is this application free?

The first 4 chapters (25 lessons that teach about 150 words) are absolutely free. The words in these chapters account for about 40% vocabulary of the Holy Quran. While doing these lessons you will earn Gold Coins which you can use to unlock other Lessons and related material like Quest etc. You can also buy additional Gold Coins by paying nominally if you run out of Gold Coins.

Does this application contain advertisements?

Yes, it has ads to enable us to run this venture. We have made sure that these ads are placed at only those locations which do not disrupt the flow of this application.

How can I benefit most from this application?

By doing the lessons every day you give yourself the best chance to benefit from this material. We have used latest learning technologies to ensure that the learning is long term, so please follow what the application asks you to do. It is very important to do revisions which are strategically spread over time.

Should I download the audios when I am prompted to do so?

Yes, it is important to have a multi-sensory experience to fully benefit from this application.

Is the material in this app authentic and reliable?

Yes, it is, Alhamdulillah. Please refer to Credits for a complete listing.